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Search Engine Optimization 101 (1)

    Deleon Hessellund
    By Deleon Hessellund

    Search Engine Optimization 101

    There is a good deal to search engine optimization, so I'm going to cover some basics and leave it at that. First let’s go over some key parts to SEO. Key words are words that people use on the search engines to locate your web site. These keywords can help determine your rank on the various search engines. That is why keyword research is a great method to evaluate which ones to use and which ones would be too difficult to rank with. There are a few great tools out there for this research. Among the best to use is Google AdWords Keyword Tool, if you're buying free resource. If you're willing to cover more alternatives which will assist in this you are able to use SEOmoz’s Professional subscription. These keywords should be utilized in various areas for example: pictures, categories, header tags, title tags, URL, meta tags, as well as on your pages. These need to be unique to every page and require to be applicable. The search engine crawlers will not be happy if you do this and this will definitely bring about you not ranking well. These crawlers are programs that will scan the internet in a mathematical way and evaluate websites for where they rank. An excellent thing to add to your site is a sitemap plugin that will auto create your sitemap. This gives a terrific road map to your web site for the web crawlers to utilize. This reveals that your website is search engine friendly.
    An important fact to emphasize is that content is king. Your content is crucial to Search Engine Optimization. You need to be a resource to your website readers providing quality content, not just writing the content round the keywords. This really isn't to say that you CAn't compose the content with keywords in thoughts, but you mustn't get the key words come before the characteristic of the content. In the event that you compose together with the opinion that the content is king, you will give a fantastic content for your web site and thus rank higher in the various search engines. Another good means to be a resource and supply quality content will be to provide information through social media. In other words, write articles, blogs and social network posts that provide useful tips and data to your audience. If you do this on a consistent basis as well as your followers share this information, you will become a well respected site and will in turn rank higher on the search engines. I can't emphasize enough that consistency is essential.
    Additionally it is crucial that you quantify and monitor the stats of your web site to gauge the consequences of your efforts. This really is done through installing analytics through a tool for example Google Analytics. Allow me to state that SEO isn't a fast thing. However , if the results occur, it's worth every bit of effort put into it.